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Denison Mines Corp: A Buy, but not yet!


Since the merger with International Uranium Corporation at lot of interest has been generated for this uranium stock.

Overall we view this coming together of UIC and Denison as a very smart move. Good prospects added to good operational managers and a CEO, Peter Farmer who just oozes confidence all adds up to a ‘must have’ uranium stock.

The question is one of timing. We had UIC on our Watch List for some time and for various reasons we did not make an investment. May be we missed the boat, who knows? Our other selections are doing very well so it’s hard to say which stock we should have been ignored in order to buy into UIC earlier.

If we take a quick look at the chart we can see that Denison has had a good run recently as the merger with UIC has given the stock a lot of air time and media coverage. In our opinion this is not the best time to invest as everyone and his dog is clamouring for it. But it is a quality ‘buy’ and you could do an awful lot worse than parking your hard earned cash here.


Back to the chart: It looks to us as though the initial excitement is over and the stock could be in for a little retrenchment. For now we will sit on our hands (I know you are saying what again!) and watch, as we believe the euphoria is over and a cheaper entry point is on the horizon.

If you have already put some of your funds into DML then we would advise you not to sell, just stick with it and ride out any turbulence as ultimately this stock is going higher and will return handsome dividends for you.

For us, we must try and find the right moment to strike. As Baron Rothschild once said something a long the lines that he was only ever happy when he was sure that no one else wanted the stock that he was buying.

Be Patient, something that we are not very good at!

27 January 07


MEGA URANIUM: Acquires advanced uranium project.


Mega Uranium Limited has acquired, subject to due diligence and TSX approval an area of approximately 1900 square kilometres of uranium mining property from the publicly listed Australian company Glengarry Resources Ltd.

This property, close to its Ben Lomond projects in Queensland, Australia contains an area of uranium mineralization known as the Oasis prospect, which was drilled between 1977 - 1979 by Esso Exploration and Production Australia Incorporated on traverses 12.5-25 metres apart, in a programme comprising 32 diamond core holes and 14 percussion holes totalling 4755 metres. This drill programme delineated a coherent, steeply dipping, tabular zone of disseminated uraninite mineralization, up to 15 metres thick, and covering a distance of approximately 300 metres strike length and 175 metres in depth.

In 2005/2006, Glengarry confirmed the validity of Esso's drill results with 4 angled (-60 degrees) diamond drill holes over a total of 461 metres.

Mega are about to embark on an exploration programme, scheduled to commence in about 3 months when the rainy season eases off.

When making any sort of investment take a good look at the management team. Mega in our opinion has one of the best around today. They are proactive as the constant news flow clearly demonstrates, there is always something that they are probing, analysing and acquiring. This acquisition bodes well for the future and we will monitor Mega’s progress with great interest as usual.

Mega, along with Laramide and Fronteer form part of our core holding being good quality stocks they are our backbone in investment terms. Other uranium stocks, of a more risky nature are also included in our portfolio, but you must be aware by now that we are a little cavalier in our approach to investment, which can be costly, so you have been warned.

We started investing in Mega on 27 July when it was $8.00 and then there was a 2 for 1 split so our entry cost was $4.00. Last night Mega closed at $6.59, which is a paper profit of 64% so far.

We are holding on to this stock and will accumulate whenever we have the cash.

Mega Uranium trades on the TSX under the symbol of: MGA.

25 January 2007


Gold Drivers Competition 2007: For a giggle.

Well as we managed to acquire a little precious metal for our efforts in last year’s competition we thought that we would give it another shot and try and boost our investment fund.

The number of entries is about double that of last year so the chances of making a profit are slim. Still our strategy remains pretty much the same with just a few minor tweaks.

We believe that uranium will outperform silver and that silver will outperform gold. So with that in mind we are sticking with two quality uranium stocks, which are Laramide and Fronteer. As a wild card we have also included Santoy Resources, which we expect to have a decent run and Eagle Plains whose management could produce a surprise thus accelerating their stock price. News of them taking control of a drilling company today has pushed up the price by 10% today alone. So, there you have it.

The competition began on 15th January 2007 and we are off to a reasonable start with our selection gaining 17% in 10 days placing us in 11th spot out of 527 contestants.

We will do a small update from time to time just for the fun of it.

Sleep tight


URANIUM STOCKS: A change of format

In response to requests from our readers we have made a few changes to our format, which we hope, will save you time and energy when searching for articles on our site.

It would appear from the your emails that you are very busy indeed and the effort required to back track and read why we made an investment in the first place, into a specific stock was a little time consuming! Okay! Okay! Same for us actually! So we have made an attempt to cluster related articles, for instance we have grouped all the FRG articles together to make things easier. This is our first attempt at this sort of techno admin so bear with us it will get better with a little time and patience.

Talking of FRG, wasn’t yesterday just a super day to own some of this uranium stock?
A rise of around 8% on the back of gold. As for uranium itself it didn’t budge an inch, but wait until around 10th February 2007 and see what the price is then.

Hang on in there and enjoy this ride.

24 January 2007



As we write FRG is trading at US$10.06 a gain of 7.36% today, put some music on and leap about!

Sprott Asset Management has set a target price for FRG at $13.50, which is not too shabby. There is also a new copper and gold discovery in Turkey which is more good news and then there is Fronteer's Aurora which has announced that the Jacques Lake Drill Program has shown 0.16% U3O8 over 17.13 Metres in which Fronteer holds a 47.24% interest.

All good stuff.

Fronteer trades on the AMEX and the TSX under the symbol of FRG. This is now one of our major holdings, should more cash become available then we will indeed continue to accumulate.

18 January 2007


Gold Drivers Competition: 5th Place

As you know we entered this competition for a bit of fun and for some time occupied first place in the race with our uranium mining stock selections but eventually finished in 5th spot.

Then to our surprise we received an email from Eric Hommelberg, which read as follows:

Dear picking contest competitor,

Congrats on your #5 ranking in the Gold Drivers Junior Picking Contest 2006.
You will be awarded with a lifetime member ship for the Gold Discovery Letter and you’ll be receiving from:

Mexivada Mining Corp:

a tenth ounce Maple Leaf Gold coin

Canarc Resource Corp:

a tenth ounce Maple Leaf Gold coin

Samex Mining Corp:

a tenth ounce Maple Leaf Gold coin

J-Pacific Gold:

an one ounce Maple Leaf Silver coin

Endeavour Silver:

1 one ounce Maple Leaf Silver coins and
a 2.5 ounce sterling Endeavour ingot.

In order to ship the coins we need your postal address.

We would appreciate if you could send us your postal address (just reply to this e-mail) so we can take care for the shipment.

Hope you enjoyed the Picking Contest

Best Regards,

Eric Hommelberg

The Gold Discovery Letter/
The Gold Drivers Report

Which is rather nice.

You may like to drop in on Eric’s website which is
and have a browse there are always some interesting articles on the current state of the market.

Good luck

18 January 2007


URANIUM: Never mind the width feel the thinness!

The thinness of the uranium market has been clearly demonstrated by the volatility of the uranium stock prices recently.

If we take Santoy Resources as example, we posted when the stock was $0.81 it quickly rocketed to over a $1.00 and back to around $0.87. Another example of this volatility is Crosshair, which went from $1.86 to $4.00 and back to $3.00 in what seems like no time at all.

This tells us that with a small handful of dollars it is possible to move a uranium stock in any direction you wish. By small we mean a million dollars or so, which could easily represent a days trading for some of the stocks in this sector.

This brings us to ponder what will happen when the less sleepy fund managers start to feel a little cavalier and leave the safe heaven of giant industrials to steel a march on their rivals or maybe they just want something different to chat about! Yes, the uranium sector, they’ll muse, their must plenty of large caps there that I could invest a few billion dollars in to. Before we know it they will have a seat on the board of Santoy, which after all has a market cap of approximately $70.0 million. Whoops our pension fund now owns the company. How do financial advisors explain to their fund managers that by putting a billon dollar in to this sector you could well become the front-runners for uranium investments? Funds don’t like to be out there at the front it is not their scene. They are happier when someone else has taken the all the risks and made the running and they can slowly latch on to the idea towards the end when they think it is risk free. By then we could be long gone. Have you ever wondered why final salary pension schemes never seem to work out, why investment funds managed by the big names just don’t deliver when you hit sixty-five? Well, unfortunately we will be reading a lot of headlines about failing funds in the near future so take real good care of your financial health because you are the only person who can.

Back to the present, in our opinion we are at the start of the second phase of this Bull Market. A time when some funds will put a toe in the water and private investors will ramp up. This action we believe will drive uranium to the $150.0 level, after that when the real estate brigade spot the opportunity uranium will go up like a flag pole at hit $200.0

So, spend a few quid on your favourite uranium stocks as and when you can. Follow your favourite newsletter writer and always get a reality check from your financial advisor.

May good fortune be with you.

11 January 2007


Footnote: We welcome your comments, advice and arguments; it serves to add balance for both our readers and ourselves. However due to amount of stupid Spam that we have been inundated with you can only add a comment if you sign up with us. But you will get our newsletter, which we will send to you on publication of every three articles.

Many thanks.


FRONTEER: from Hold to Buy


Yesterday we decided to buy back the 50% holding that we sold recently.

As you know our investment in Fronteer doubled in a short time and we decided to take some money off the table and therefore sold 50% of our holdings. We had expected some profit taking and hoped that a cheaper entry price might present itself.

It looked as though this was not to be as FRG showed considerable resistance and held up well. Then, during the last few days all the uranium stocks suffered from a little profit taking. This coupled with the fall in the gold price had an effect on FRG as it is involved with both commodities. So at $8.33 we bought back in. Having sold at $9.12 this has worked out reasonably well for us.

FRG now makes up a large proportion of our portfolio and we are happy with it to be that way.

The chart below shows the recent decline and the point at which we decided to act. That’s not to say that FRG could not go further down, it might but will sit on our hands and hold tight.


Happy New Year

06 January 2007


Uranium-stocks: Portfolio Update 29 Dec 06

The Internet's only free portfolio of uranium stocks provides a quick update of our uranium investments to date.

The following is a list of our uranium stocks and our current strategy for investment:

Cameco Corporation – Watch
We needed to see a rapid response to the Cigar Lake situation unfortunately there does appear to be a certain amount of difficulty in assessing the current position from an engineering standpoint. Until this problem is properly identified and scoped to a meaningful plan we will not buy this one.

Rampart Ventures Limited – Watch
RPT is currently trading at $0.350 up slightly from last month, remains on the Watch List.

Uranium Participation Limited – Buy.
U is currently trading at $12.18 and is up slightly since we bought at $11.97. We will continue to accumulate when we can as we see this stock reflecting the rise in uranium if not as exciting as some of the other more ‘cavalier’ uranium stock selections.

Strateco resources Inc – Watch
RSC is currently trading at $2.64. We have been watching this one for some time but have not made an investment. Strateco has risen dramatically over the last couple of months so you may wish to consider taking some money off the table with this one. We have not made a purchase but we will continue to assess this company as a possible investment going forward.

Fronteer developments Group – Hold/Buy.
We have doubled our investment on this stock and sold 50% of our stake taking some money off the table. We still like this company very much indeed and will not be selling the other 50%. We had hoped that this stock would have undergone a bigger correction than it has so far, however it is showing considerable strength in recovering back to a price of $9.05. We have not decided yet but we may buy back in as we are pleased to see FRG holding up so well.

Crosshair Exploration and Mining Corporation– Buy.
CXX has experienced some profit taking and is currently trading at around $3.30. Some profit taking has taken place but this does not worry us so stick with it.

Laramide Resources Limited – Buy
LAM is currently trading at $7.85 and has made great progress since we bought at $5.78. We will continue to buy, as this will be a top performer in this sector.

Energy Metals Corporation – Watch
EMC was at $9.72 last month and is now at $8.89 but has still progressed very well since we first wrote about it in September when it was trading around $5.70. We do not own this one but just maybe an opportunistic entry level is about to appear. If you bought it earlier and still own it then we suggest that you hang on to it. We missed it previously which is a little disappointing for us, but as my Mum would say “Never mind, it’ll teach you to concentrate more in future”

Eagle Plains Resources – Buy
EPL was trading at $0.66 last month and has made progress to trade at $0.73 recently. Recognition is coming to this stock.

Mega Uranium Limited – Buy
MGA was trading at $5.96 last month and is now around $6.80 partly due to a 15% raise yesterday. MGA is one of our favourites, which we expect to star in 2007.

Rodinia Minerals Inc. – Watch
RM is trading at $0.83, last month and is now at $1.18 a pleasing advance from a sluggish start. RM was $0.80 when we first wrote about it on 15 August 2006. Watch and be careful with this one. We do not own it at the moment.

Santoy Resources Limited (new)
SAN is a new one for us although some of our readers have been singing its praise recently. We made a small investment at $0.71 and posted an article when it went to $0.81 so we will use the $0.81 for reporting purposes. It is around $0.90 as we write, up on heavy volume. Please read our article on Santoy as we have tried to explain our trepidation before making a small investment.

As always thank you for your comments and constructive criticism we are always pleased to receive them and we do try and cover some of your suggestions even though we cannot cover them all. Our readership also enjoys your insights whether you agree with us or not and it helps to police us.

We still remain confident enough to stick with our revised target prediction of $200.0 per pound for uranium with a possibility of it hitting $125.0 in 2007.

Hang on in there; next year will blow your socks off, excuse the pun.

As usual we will continue to research new companies looking for investment opportunities and will publish this data when the timing looks good.

Good luck

28 December 2006


Santoy Resources Ltd: A Jack-of-all-trades?

We have received a number of emails this week about Santoy Resources so we will try and give you a balanced outlook for this uranium stock.

Santoy Resources Limited has concentrated its efforts in the energy sector with its emphasis firmly placed on uranium projects in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, Labrador and Central America. So as investors in Uranium we are of course interested in Santoy’s activities. The table below tells us where they are and what sort of geographical area they cover. Mainly in North America so they are as geopolitically as safe as any.


HAZEMPA LAKE 20,033 ha and 11,870 ha
FIR ISLAND 21,994 ha
PATTYSON LAKE 29,189 ha and 15,675 ha
DOWLER LAKE 21,418 ha

The total area acquired in northern Saskatchewan is 139,000 ha (343,500 acres)

However along with uranium interests they also have Coalbed Methane, Coal, Oil & Gas and Projects Available for Option, which include base metals and gold. This begs the question ‘Are they a Jack-of-all-trades and a Master of none’ or is their veteran management team agile enough to pursue a number of wide ranging options without dropping the ball. We tend to be of the opinion that an exploration company going after uranium or uranium and gold is focused on the job at hand. Santoy does appear to have a number of targets, which could mean that their resources are spread a little on the thin side. We will leave their other interests for another time for now, as they may generate something of value in the future.

This is a small stock to invest in with a market capitalisation of around $57 million, a stock price of CDN$0.81, and approximately 70 million shares outstanding. They can be found on the TSX Venture exchange under the symbol of SAN. The stock price is volatile to say the least having hit a high of $0.90 it then fell out of bed only to climb back to $0.81 recently. The volume is strong and appears to be gaining more interest.

These price oscillations could be attributed to a number of reasons, however we must bear in mind that this whole market sector is small and any one particular stock can rise and fall on a small amount of investor activity. Our projection of $200.0 per pound for uranium remains intact so the general trend for uranium stocks that actually have something in terms of quality should pay handsome dividends.

As we can see from the chart this stock is certainly going through a few gyrations with the stock price now having moved significantly above its own 200 day moving average.


We took a chance and made a small investment at $0.71 and we thought that it was a high entry-level price. We had hoped that it might fall back and present us with a cheaper buying opportunity but it is now at $0.81 and we still think that it is high.

We do not wish to put you off this stock as we believe that it could be dramatically higher in the near future but do not go mad on it. Try to be patient and buy slowly on dips is the conventional wisdom, but are we in conventional waters? We think not!

Good Luck.

27 December 2006