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FRONTEER: from Hold to Buy


Yesterday we decided to buy back the 50% holding that we sold recently.

As you know our investment in Fronteer doubled in a short time and we decided to take some money off the table and therefore sold 50% of our holdings. We had expected some profit taking and hoped that a cheaper entry price might present itself.

It looked as though this was not to be as FRG showed considerable resistance and held up well. Then, during the last few days all the uranium stocks suffered from a little profit taking. This coupled with the fall in the gold price had an effect on FRG as it is involved with both commodities. So at $8.33 we bought back in. Having sold at $9.12 this has worked out reasonably well for us.

FRG now makes up a large proportion of our portfolio and we are happy with it to be that way.

The chart below shows the recent decline and the point at which we decided to act. That’s not to say that FRG could not go further down, it might but will sit on our hands and hold tight.


Happy New Year

06 January 2007


Uranium-stocks: Portfolio Update 29 Dec 06

The Internet's only free portfolio of uranium stocks provides a quick update of our uranium investments to date.

The following is a list of our uranium stocks and our current strategy for investment:

Cameco Corporation – Watch
We needed to see a rapid response to the Cigar Lake situation unfortunately there does appear to be a certain amount of difficulty in assessing the current position from an engineering standpoint. Until this problem is properly identified and scoped to a meaningful plan we will not buy this one.

Rampart Ventures Limited – Watch
RPT is currently trading at $0.350 up slightly from last month, remains on the Watch List.

Uranium Participation Limited – Buy.
U is currently trading at $12.18 and is up slightly since we bought at $11.97. We will continue to accumulate when we can as we see this stock reflecting the rise in uranium if not as exciting as some of the other more ‘cavalier’ uranium stock selections.

Strateco resources Inc – Watch
RSC is currently trading at $2.64. We have been watching this one for some time but have not made an investment. Strateco has risen dramatically over the last couple of months so you may wish to consider taking some money off the table with this one. We have not made a purchase but we will continue to assess this company as a possible investment going forward.

Fronteer developments Group – Hold/Buy.
We have doubled our investment on this stock and sold 50% of our stake taking some money off the table. We still like this company very much indeed and will not be selling the other 50%. We had hoped that this stock would have undergone a bigger correction than it has so far, however it is showing considerable strength in recovering back to a price of $9.05. We have not decided yet but we may buy back in as we are pleased to see FRG holding up so well.

Crosshair Exploration and Mining Corporation– Buy.
CXX has experienced some profit taking and is currently trading at around $3.30. Some profit taking has taken place but this does not worry us so stick with it.

Laramide Resources Limited – Buy
LAM is currently trading at $7.85 and has made great progress since we bought at $5.78. We will continue to buy, as this will be a top performer in this sector.

Energy Metals Corporation – Watch
EMC was at $9.72 last month and is now at $8.89 but has still progressed very well since we first wrote about it in September when it was trading around $5.70. We do not own this one but just maybe an opportunistic entry level is about to appear. If you bought it earlier and still own it then we suggest that you hang on to it. We missed it previously which is a little disappointing for us, but as my Mum would say “Never mind, it’ll teach you to concentrate more in future”

Eagle Plains Resources – Buy
EPL was trading at $0.66 last month and has made progress to trade at $0.73 recently. Recognition is coming to this stock.

Mega Uranium Limited – Buy
MGA was trading at $5.96 last month and is now around $6.80 partly due to a 15% raise yesterday. MGA is one of our favourites, which we expect to star in 2007.

Rodinia Minerals Inc. – Watch
RM is trading at $0.83, last month and is now at $1.18 a pleasing advance from a sluggish start. RM was $0.80 when we first wrote about it on 15 August 2006. Watch and be careful with this one. We do not own it at the moment.

Santoy Resources Limited (new)
SAN is a new one for us although some of our readers have been singing its praise recently. We made a small investment at $0.71 and posted an article when it went to $0.81 so we will use the $0.81 for reporting purposes. It is around $0.90 as we write, up on heavy volume. Please read our article on Santoy as we have tried to explain our trepidation before making a small investment.

As always thank you for your comments and constructive criticism we are always pleased to receive them and we do try and cover some of your suggestions even though we cannot cover them all. Our readership also enjoys your insights whether you agree with us or not and it helps to police us.

We still remain confident enough to stick with our revised target prediction of $200.0 per pound for uranium with a possibility of it hitting $125.0 in 2007.

Hang on in there; next year will blow your socks off, excuse the pun.

As usual we will continue to research new companies looking for investment opportunities and will publish this data when the timing looks good.

Good luck

28 December 2006


Santoy Resources Ltd: A Jack-of-all-trades?

We have received a number of emails this week about Santoy Resources so we will try and give you a balanced outlook for this uranium stock.

Santoy Resources Limited has concentrated its efforts in the energy sector with its emphasis firmly placed on uranium projects in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, Labrador and Central America. So as investors in Uranium we are of course interested in Santoy’s activities. The table below tells us where they are and what sort of geographical area they cover. Mainly in North America so they are as geopolitically as safe as any.


HAZEMPA LAKE 20,033 ha and 11,870 ha
FIR ISLAND 21,994 ha
PATTYSON LAKE 29,189 ha and 15,675 ha
DOWLER LAKE 21,418 ha

The total area acquired in northern Saskatchewan is 139,000 ha (343,500 acres)

However along with uranium interests they also have Coalbed Methane, Coal, Oil & Gas and Projects Available for Option, which include base metals and gold. This begs the question ‘Are they a Jack-of-all-trades and a Master of none’ or is their veteran management team agile enough to pursue a number of wide ranging options without dropping the ball. We tend to be of the opinion that an exploration company going after uranium or uranium and gold is focused on the job at hand. Santoy does appear to have a number of targets, which could mean that their resources are spread a little on the thin side. We will leave their other interests for another time for now, as they may generate something of value in the future.

This is a small stock to invest in with a market capitalisation of around $57 million, a stock price of CDN$0.81, and approximately 70 million shares outstanding. They can be found on the TSX Venture exchange under the symbol of SAN. The stock price is volatile to say the least having hit a high of $0.90 it then fell out of bed only to climb back to $0.81 recently. The volume is strong and appears to be gaining more interest.

These price oscillations could be attributed to a number of reasons, however we must bear in mind that this whole market sector is small and any one particular stock can rise and fall on a small amount of investor activity. Our projection of $200.0 per pound for uranium remains intact so the general trend for uranium stocks that actually have something in terms of quality should pay handsome dividends.

As we can see from the chart this stock is certainly going through a few gyrations with the stock price now having moved significantly above its own 200 day moving average.


We took a chance and made a small investment at $0.71 and we thought that it was a high entry-level price. We had hoped that it might fall back and present us with a cheaper buying opportunity but it is now at $0.81 and we still think that it is high.

We do not wish to put you off this stock as we believe that it could be dramatically higher in the near future but do not go mad on it. Try to be patient and buy slowly on dips is the conventional wisdom, but are we in conventional waters? We think not!

Good Luck.

27 December 2006

Uranium quietly up $7.00

The nuclear fuel moves up so often these days that it appears to have almost lost its news worthy appeal.

Now at $72.0, our target of $200.0 becomes less ridiculous with each tick of the uranium clock.

We have a number of new stocks under surveillance, which we will reveal shortly with or without a buy recommendation. We need to bear in mind that in any bull market the opportunists come out of the woodwork with a world-beating story and a nice office in Vancouver. Some of these companies will never put a spade in the ground and will be long gone with your money before this ride is over.

Before you buy a stock make a checklist of the characteristics that you believe are essential for a company to be successful and then apply it to your particular target. If it is a low score then think again.

Stocks such as MGA, Laramide, Fronteer have it all in our humble opinion and will remain as part of the foundation stones for this portfolio. Some smaller, more risky stocks will be included soon, be we do not intend to invest in hundreds of stocks in the hope that one of them goes to the moon. We just want to make money.

Stick with it there is a long way to go.

Happy Christmas.

20 December 2006

Uranium, stocks, invest

Uranium-stocks still in first place: Happy Christmas

As you can see from the chart below we are still hanging on to first place in the Gold Drivers competition thanks to Laramide and Fronteer.


19 December 2006


Uranium stocks: looks like you can buy almost anything!

Uranium ticks up again and uranium stocks go with it. Across the board these stocks are rising today. Even some of the stocks that we are watching but didn’t really fancy or thought that the time was not right are moving to higher ground. We apologize if we have put you off them and they have put in good upward moves.

We have tried to select the stocks that we consider to be quality in a market that is flush with new comers all telling wonderful stories. Some of these stories will be good and we will miss them for various reasons including a little dash of cynicism. However we are happy with the progress our own portfolio is making and will continue to wade through the flood of new entries in the hope that a gem may have been missed.

The important thing though is to invest in some uranium stocks whether you follow us into the market or not is immaterial, but do please buy some of them, the uranium story is only just starting.

18 December 2006


FRONTEER DEVELOPMENT GROUP: Come and feel the Strength!

Having sold half of our holding at $9.12 this stock is now trading at $8.72 on Amex. We were lucky selling so close to the top but that’s not the reason for this post.

The reason is that despite the pure chartists selling out, there have been a number of ‘Knockers’ who are prominent newsletter publishers who have added to FRG’s price decline.

What gets us is why FRG has not gone further down! Fronteer is showing remarkable strength regardless of the factors stacking up against it. We were not anticipating a crash but we had hoped for a decent correction enabling us to buy back in at a lower price. However this correction so far is only 4%, that sort of move can happen to a uranium stock any day of the week without us batting an eyelid.

It is the strength of this uranium/gold stock that has surprise and pleased us enormously. We still have 50% of our original stake in FRG and we will continue to watch for a little while longer. If the stock continues to weaken then we can buy back in and our short-term objective will have been achieved. If the stock begins to recover then we may have to bullet and buy back in anyway.

Either way actually suits us. If it is the latter our short-term objective would not have been fulfilled but FRG will have clearly demonstrated considerable strength and the future will look brighter than ever for this stock.

10 December 2006

Crosshair Exploration and Mining Corp: Hold


We have decided to hold on to CXX and not to take a short-term profit. Crosshair will remain as one of our core holdings.

Crosshair is both uranium and a gold play and we are very bullish on both. By all means feel free to step out of this stock and wait for a dip and buy back in at lower levels. Beware though, the profit taking could be short lived and CXX could continue its upward charge fairly soon.

One of the reasons that we are taking this stance is because we detect a growing interest in this sector of the market.

As this interest grows more and more funds will be looking for a home as exampled by some of the uranium stocks experiencing sudden jumps in volume from their daily average of say 100,000 to 2000,000 plus. A tipster somewhere introduces a small uranium stock to his tip sheet and his reader’s pile in. A few days later the stock is back to trading its normal daily average. This will continue with one slight change. The number of tipsters will increase and the volumes will increase in unison. Then the investors who bought in the first place will see their investments improving and be convinced that their man is a genius and put more money in to the same stock.

We are a long way from the public going manic on stocks but things are starting to tick albeit slowly. We are no longer at the bottom of this market as the ‘stealth’ period is behind us. However we are at the beginning of phase two where more private investors get involved and some of the not so sleepy fund managers take a stake. This phase we see lasting for the next one to two years.

Phase three will follow on very quickly indeed when everyone and his dog are talking about which uranium stock they have just purchased, one of the signs that it is time to say good bye bull market and look for another play ground.

Good luck.

05 December 2006

Crosshair Exploration and Mining Corp: 100% Up!

It was $1.86 when we first wrote about Crosshair on the 25th September 2006 and we started buying at about $2.00. Today it is trading at $4.12 so our investment has easily doubled.

Problems, delicious problems!

This uranium mining stock is going places but when you double your money in three months it is tempting to realise some profits.

Take half off the table you ask, well we will sleep on it!

If you followed us in to this one well done, enjoy the day.

05 December 2006

The Junior Stock Picking Contest 2006

Many thanks to uranium stocks Laramide and Fronteer for keeping us in first place with a 39% gain since September. The gap to second place is closing on us but we will hang on in there!

29 November 2006