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We had previously invested in FRG at $4.70, on the 24th July; today we sold 50% at $9.12, taking a profit of 94%.
At this point we have decided to take some money off the table not because we think that FRG is a bad company, far from it we think it is a fantastic company. However, on this occasion we are letting prudence rule!


Just take a look at the chart.

FRG stock price is way above its own 200 DMA for comfort. MACD, Stockastics and the RSI are just too toppy for us at the moment. Volume has been high but would appear to be falling.

Fronteer trades on both the Toronto and AMEX under the symbol of FRG.

If you have decided to stay with Fronteer then good luck to you.

Also, make no mistake about it we are still holding 50% and will be back with further investments into FRG if we are lucky enough to get a ‘DIP’

22 November 2006


FRG is now up 100% at $9.44 having invested in this uranium/gold stock at $4.70 on the 14th July 2006. What a nice day!

The question now is should we take some money off the table or stick with it?
We’ll be back, watch this space.

FRONTEER trades on the AMEX and in Toronto under the symbol FRG.

21 November 2006

Uranium Participation Corporation: BUY

We have now upgraded Uranium Participation Corporation from the Watch List to the Buy List.

Having watched this stock for some time and posted our research here at an earlier date we have made the decision to make our first purchase and we will continue to accumulate as and when the opportunities present themselves.


As you already know Uranium Participation Corporation is a holding company for investment into uranium assets. The company’s main objective is that of acquiring U308 and holding it in anticipation that it will experience considerable appreciation as the uranium price moves up. This uranium stock offers almost direct exposure to the price movement of uranium although it does not actually mine the product itself.

As we can see from the above chart this stock has undergone a nice, healthy correction and the indicators now look positive in our humble opinion.

For those of you who bought when we first mentioned it we suggest that you hold on, as the best is yet to come. For the more cautious movers such as ourselves we are pleased with what we have seen and with our first purchase, which was at $11.97.

Uranium Participation Corporation trades on the Toronto stock Exchange under the symbol of ‘U’

21 November 2006

CAMECO CORP: Reduce holdings

The set back at Cigar Lake has done more damage to the Cameco stock price than we anticipated; hence we are vastly reducing our stake in this company.

Cameco (CCJ: NYSE) having had a major problem to deal with have not filled us with enough confidence to believe that they are competent enough to handle this situation. A somewhat lethargic approach to the water ingress at Cigar Lake has generated a lot negative sentiment. This is reflected in falling stock price and so we have decided to reduce our stake to a minimal stake only at this stage.

Cameco is now on the Watch List, as we believe that the uranium sector is the best place to invest our funds however, this is not the vehicle.

There are a few exciting possibilities that we will report on shortly, in the mean time we will sit on the cash.

18 November 2006

Laramide Resources Limited: Up 26%

We first mentioned Laramide when it was trading at $5.78 on the 28 July 2006 it is now trading at $7.32 up $1.54 or 26%.

It is worth re-reading our article just to refresh yourself as to why we bought it or to gain a little background knowledge if you are thinking about investing in LAM.

We are definitely holding on to the stock that we have and will buy more should a dip in price present itself.

A few emails this week have mentioned options trading, all we can say is that it is not for us at the moment, but we never say never. As far as commodities goes we think that the uranium sector is as good as any to put your hard earned money.

Please always check with your financial advisor before taking the plunge and don’t go too mad on any particular uranium stock.

17 November 2006


FRG is up 8% today and up 85% since we recommended it a few short months ago. DO NOT sell FRG, hold and if you are lucky enough to experience a dip, then buy a truckload.

This is a triple whammy stock as it has gold and uranium interests along with an active, entrepreneurial management team who are making all the right moves.

Are you happy yet?

Please let us know your thoughts, we will publish them and all of the readership will benefit.

Sleep tight.

16 November 2006

Uranium-stocks lead competition!

With a 35% increase in stock value since the start of the competition we are in pole position. Its only fun to do these things but it is nice to have a good showing.

The competition is the Junior Picking Contest 2006. Just follow the link.

Don’t sell any of these uranium stocks – OK?

16 November 2006

URANIUM: Up another $2.5!

Well just as you think uranium might be taking a breather she moves up again, another 5%.

For those uranium stocks with one foot on some reasonable deposits this sort of upwardly mobile price action must be adding to the balance sheet on a weekly basis.

We repeat our recent call of DO NOT SELL! We know a few of the uranium miners are looking toppy, try and get use to it being that way. If you come out now make sure that you have a firm re-entry plan in place because you may never see these levels again.

Hold on; close your eyes and scream!

16 November 2006

Crosshair Exploration and mining corporation: Overbought?

Crosshair (CXX-V) has performed marvellously well in recent weeks but now looks to be over bought.


As we can see the stock price is way above its own 200 day moving average having gone on a fine rampage upwards. If you got in as we did at the $2.00 mark then you are looking at a handsome profit in a short time and we wouldn’t blame you for taking it.

However we think that this is one of the better stocks in the uranium market place and have decided to stick with it and ride out the ups and downs as we go forward. Any down turn will be used to acquire more of CXX.

12 November 2006

ESO URANIUM CORP: Take some money off the table


ESO Uranium Corporation (ESO-V) has had a good run from $0.50 to $0.80 and back to $0.67. If you got in at around $0.50 then you have made a good profit in a very short time, so take it.


One look at ESO’s chart speaks volumes about this stock:

1. It has tried to get above its own 200 DMA and failed
2. Since it peaked at $0.80 the volume has dropped off considerably
3. The technical indicators are heading south.
4. The stock is dropping while uranium advances.

At $0.60 you are sitting on a profit of around 40%, if we were investors we would take some of the money off the table right now. However we have not made an investment into ESO but have it on the Watch List, so we are emotionally unattached to this stock.

The decision is yours as always but the signs are not too good in our humble opinion.

12 November 2006