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Uranium-stocks lead competition!

With a 35% increase in stock value since the start of the competition we are in pole position. Its only fun to do these things but it is nice to have a good showing.

The competition is the Junior Picking Contest 2006. Just follow the link.

Don’t sell any of these uranium stocks – OK?

16 November 2006

URANIUM: Up another $2.5!

Well just as you think uranium might be taking a breather she moves up again, another 5%.

For those uranium stocks with one foot on some reasonable deposits this sort of upwardly mobile price action must be adding to the balance sheet on a weekly basis.

We repeat our recent call of DO NOT SELL! We know a few of the uranium miners are looking toppy, try and get use to it being that way. If you come out now make sure that you have a firm re-entry plan in place because you may never see these levels again.

Hold on; close your eyes and scream!

16 November 2006

Crosshair Exploration and mining corporation: Overbought?

Crosshair (CXX-V) has performed marvellously well in recent weeks but now looks to be over bought.


As we can see the stock price is way above its own 200 day moving average having gone on a fine rampage upwards. If you got in as we did at the $2.00 mark then you are looking at a handsome profit in a short time and we wouldn’t blame you for taking it.

However we think that this is one of the better stocks in the uranium market place and have decided to stick with it and ride out the ups and downs as we go forward. Any down turn will be used to acquire more of CXX.

12 November 2006

ESO URANIUM CORP: Take some money off the table


ESO Uranium Corporation (ESO-V) has had a good run from $0.50 to $0.80 and back to $0.67. If you got in at around $0.50 then you have made a good profit in a very short time, so take it.


One look at ESO’s chart speaks volumes about this stock:

1. It has tried to get above its own 200 DMA and failed
2. Since it peaked at $0.80 the volume has dropped off considerably
3. The technical indicators are heading south.
4. The stock is dropping while uranium advances.

At $0.60 you are sitting on a profit of around 40%, if we were investors we would take some of the money off the table right now. However we have not made an investment into ESO but have it on the Watch List, so we are emotionally unattached to this stock.

The decision is yours as always but the signs are not too good in our humble opinion.

12 November 2006

Uranium Stocks: Stay with them

Keep hold of your uranium stocks this bull market is only just beginning. As the uranium tide comes in all the stocks will float higher. But we want the stocks that are going to do a little more than just float to higher ground.

We have made no additions to our current portfolio and will continue to stick with it. All the stocks are performing extremely well with the exception of Cameco Corporation. The water problems at Cigar Lake do need to be resolved for this giant to move forward but you could argue that the longer the uranium stays in the ground the higher the price will be when it finally emerges. We will hold for the moment, however if you prefer to switch to a faster moving company then please do so.

The important point here is to keep some of your funds in uranium stocks. We have noticed one or two analysts talking about the possibility of uranium moving up the $100.0 level, a level that we predicted months ago. We are now confident enough to raise the target again to $200.0 per pound and it won’t take too long to reach this level.

Hang on in there, its going to be an amazing ride.

We are continually researching new companies looking for investment opportunities and will publish this data when the timing looks good.

10 November 2006

Uranium-Stocks is Number 1

Guess what...

Uranium-Stocks is 1st in GoldDrivers Competition

Uranium Stocks portfolio still number one in gold drivers competition

Feel free to comment on this.

FRONTEER: Almost doubled since 14th July 2006

Fronteer development Group has almost doubled since we recommended it way back in July!

With uranium putting on another £4.0 to hit $60.0 per pound the uranium explorers have experienced a sudden jump in price. Fronteer is no exception rising to $8.75 on Friday on fairly strong volume.

It is difficult for us to see what will bring about a U-turn in the uranium price at the moment so will continue to hold on to this investment we have and accumulate as and when we can.

O5 November 2006

Australia to turn to nuclear power?


Australia could have nuclear power stations within 15 years, according the Prime Minister John Howard who set up a panel to look at nuclear energy.

“A 15-year timeframe is realistic,” according to the Resources Minister Ian McFarland.

We spotted this article in The Gulf Times over the weekend and thought that you might be interested, just follow the link:

The Gulf Times.

05 November 2006

URANIUM: Up to $60.0!

It took a little while to update their chart but uranium has indeed moved up again. A $4.0 price rise equates to another 8% increase in the cost of buying uranium.

The uranium stocks can only benefit from these moves so hold on to your shares and increase your exposure as and when you can.

03 November 2006

Fronteer Development Group Inc. Up 8% Today!

Well it’s a good job we decided not to take a profit as gold has moved higher as we suggested and uranium is still going strong.

So the news that Aurora Energy Resources Inc. (TSX: AXU), of which Fronteer holds approximately 50% of its stock has announced that wide intervals of near-surface uranium mineralisation have been intersected at its Jacques Lake uranium deposit in Labrador, has added some more spice to this play.

Hang on for the ride we can only see things getting brighter for Fronteer.

Fronteer trades as FRG on the TSX and FRG on the AMEX and is now up 45% since we recommended it at $4.70 on 14th July 2006.

02 November 2006