Don’t overlook nuclear energy in climate concerns
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 08:32PM
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In a recent article titled “The New Battle Plan for the Planet’s Climate Crisis,” Bill McKibben, a radical climate activist and founder of, argued Earth is rapidly warming and immediate action must be taken to reduce human-caused greenhouse-gas emissions. To do so, McKibben advocates a massive build-out of wind and solar power, but he never mentions one of the most obvious and efficient energy sources available: nuclear.

The omission is no mistake; McKibben and his environmental pals have made a concerted effort to reject nuclear energy, even though it’s the only way to immediately reduce carbon-dioxide emissions.

Despite massive taxpayer subsidies to wind and solar-power industries, these two sources, which McKibben suggests is the future of U.S. energy, account for just 2.2 percent (combined) of the total energy used in the country. Making matters worse, they are incredibly expensive. It’s mostly for this reason the “Renewable Now” slogan is nothing more than that. It’s certainly not a solution.

Energy and climate realists must hold alarmists like McKibben to their own standards. If the alarmists want to be taken seriously, they must nuke up or shut up.

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