In defense of nuclear power and Diablo Canyon 
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 6:10PM
Uranium Stocks

The California political hierarchy sees supporting Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant and nuclear power as a political risk. They are in denial that getting rid of nuclear power could be a liability not only for the environment but for their political careers. These points of view are based on a lack of understanding and truth.

For years, some have spread fear and prejudice about the plant, and all they have is the sum of all their unsubstantiated suppositions — no experience, no training.

A false belief exists among those who oppose Diablo Canyon and nuclear power is that a large part of the general public supports their opposition. Having conducted tours to Diablo Canyon for 23 years, I know there is a overwhelming percentage of the thousands of visitors I have led through the plant and to those I have given talks who support Diablo Canyon and nuclear power. Unfortunately, they are a silent majority.

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